Never before have we had access to the amount of medical information that we do today. This is terrific in many ways, as we are probably the most savvy generations of medical consumers that ever lived. But there is far too much misinformation that also gets spread around.

Right now, during this COVID-19 epidemic, rumors and myths are circulating. FEMA recently launched their Coronavirus Rumor Control page to help debunk some of the more common ones. We are learning more about this pandemic everyday, but there are still a lot of unknowns, and this can be frightening. We understand the desire to grab onto anything offering a way forward, even when it is merely speculation.

Please take great caution, especially when hearing/reading about speculative treatments for this disease.

An Arizona man recently died after self-administering an experimental drug suggested as a potential treatment for COVID-19. He and his wife (who became critically ill) were not prescribed this drug, they happened to have it on hand because it is also an ingredient in a product used to clean fish tanks. Please only take medications on the advice of your healthcare provider, and only take the dose prescribed.

To help you navigate fact from fiction, we have set up a Coronavirus Update page with resources you can trust. On it you can download a free COVID-19 informational pdf that will give you the facts about the disease and what to do if you are sick. We also direct you to our Hunt Regional Healthcare home page on Coronavirus Disease 2019 where you can find even more information. We recommend seeking further information from the following three sources:

If you have questions about your health during this trying time, contact our office. We are here to help.