Why have a health and wellness program?

Your employee’s health and well-being are crucial to your company’s culture. A healthy workplace is more likely to be a productive one. When planning to implement a healthy workplace, prevention is key. A focus on prevention through our health and wellness program and services encourage employees to participate in building a healthy workplace. Providing resources and benefits to employees not only encourages participation, but keeps them actively engaged in managing their conditions.

Benefits of our health and wellness program

Healthy employees can lower employee health care costs, reduce absenteeism, enhance job satisfaction, increase productivity and reshape the company culture toward health. Our health and wellness program supports these benefits and includes multiple components which promote a healthy workplace culture.

  • Comprehensive: Our focus is on creating and maintaining your employee’s health by living healthier lives and reducing health risks
  • Coordinated: We will coordinate the screening, evaluation and treatment for your employees with our team of providers at Hunt Regional Medical Partners, providing your employees an all-inclusive experience
  • Convenient: Not only do we offer a wide range of flexibility with health and wellness programs, we have the ability to customize our services to come on-site to where your companies are located, saving you and your employees time and money
  • Preventive: Our health and wellness program focuses on creating healthier lifestyles today to avoid unnecessary health care issues and costs down the road