Save money by testing your employment candidate to ensure they can safely do the job.

While your employment candidates may seem qualified on paper, it is important that the employer also test to make sure that the candidate is physically safe to do the job? Our Pre-Employment Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing is designed and administered to help you determine if a candidate is capable of safely performing the essential functions of the job they’ve been offered.

After performing a job analysis and validating the essential functions of the job, Pre-Employment Post-Offer Functional testing confirms your new hire candidates are physically capable of safely performing those essential functions.

How could Post-Offer Functional Employment Testing benefit you?

  1. Reduce turnover
  2. Increase productivity
  3. Decrease work-related injuries

Depending on your needs, our certified Physical Therapist can develop test protocols based on existing job descriptions, or we can complete a customized Job Task Analysis to collect precise data regarding the physical requirements of the job.