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26 10, 2017

Are You Ready for Flu Season in Greenville?


In the land down under, Aussies welcome spring with open arms . Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is just coming out of winter, and a particularly difficult flu season. They reported 3812 hospitalizations and 504 deaths associated with influenza this flu season. Those numbers are almost twice what was [...]

Are You Ready for Flu Season in Greenville?2022-02-08T23:58:46+00:00
22 10, 2015

Make a Plan for a Healthy Flu Season


When you start to feel a little hint of crispness in the air, it can only mean one thing - flu season in Greenville, TX is upon us. Even though flu can strike at any time, it is most common from October through May. In the U.S. it peaks between [...]

Make a Plan for a Healthy Flu Season2022-02-08T23:59:33+00:00
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