Well visits with your doctor offer many benefits you maynot expectYou feel fine. Why should you go visit your doctor?

Most of us will call the doctor if we’re sick beyond a simple cold. We may not want to, but we understand why it’s important. But going to the doctor when we feel good doesn’t seem like such an obvious choice.

It turns out there are many good reasons to check in with your doctor for regular well visits. Reasons that can help you live a healthier and longer life.


It’s much better to prevent disease than to treat it. Immunizations offer a proven method of doing just that. Childhood vaccines are important for individual and public healht, but just because you are a grown-up doesn’t mean you are done with vaccines. There are certain vaccines everyone should receive at set intervals throughout their lifetime. Others may be necessary under specific circumstances, like prior to travel or after certain exposures. Your doctor will keep a record of all your immunizations and make sure you are protected from preventable diseases.

Health counseling

Is fat good or bad in your diet? How much exercise do you need for maximum health benefits? Should you be concerned about the Zika virus? You can count on your physician to keep up with the latest research and help you stay on track with the best possible health habits. This might not sound like it would make a big difference, but there are many instances where health counseling has been shown to improve patient health. For example, an article in the March 2014 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that when patients and physicians had confidence in one another, overweight patients had better results.

Physical screening

Almost as good as preventing disease is catching it early. Screening tests such as pap smears and colonoscopies detect disease early, before you even have any symptoms. This can mean finding cancer before it spreads, or diagnosing high blood pressure before it damages your organs. Those are worthwhile goals.

Mental health screening

Gone are the days where the mind and body are seen as two separate entities. Medical research has clarified the biological basis of many mental illnesses in recent years, leading to excellent treatment options. Sadly, many people live with diseases such as depression and anxiety, unaware that such treatments exist or deterred by the stigma of mental illness. When you visit your physician, she will screen for subtle symptoms that you may not even be aware of. This can make the difference between struggling and living a vibrant life.

The relationship

One of the biggest benefits of seeing your doctor regularly is the patient-physician relationship. When your doctor knows you well, minor changes in your health will be more obvious to her. She’ll be able to offer counsel based on her understanding of your goals and priorities. Simply put, a strong relationship will make your physician more effective in caring for you.


Convinced? Why not make an appointment now? We would love to provide for your health needs here at Hunt Regional Medical Partners. But if you don’t choose us, please find a physician you feel comfortable with. Your health will benefit from it.