24 01, 2019

Is it Lactose Intolerance or Dairy Allergy?


Dairy products seem to find their way into almost every aspect of our diet – from the milk we add to our breakfast cereal to the shellfish that are dipped in milk to reduce that fishy odor. But a large part of the population suffers health consequences from consuming [...]

Is it Lactose Intolerance or Dairy Allergy?2022-02-08T23:58:17+00:00
27 12, 2018

What to Do About Heartburn?


Have you ever experienced heartburn? That burning sensation right in the upper middle part of your stomach? You may have constant discomfort from, or you may only experience it occasionally after a particularly indulgent meal. Even if you don’t have issues with heartburn, you probably know someone who does, [...]

What to Do About Heartburn?2022-02-08T23:58:17+00:00
13 12, 2018

What is Dandruff and Should I see a Doctor About it?


Standing in the shampoo aisle staring at the many many brands of dandruff shampoo should make you realize one thing: you are not alone in your struggle with dandruff. Some estimates have it affecting half of all adults. You might ask then, If it affects so many people, can [...]

What is Dandruff and Should I see a Doctor About it?2022-02-08T23:58:17+00:00
13 09, 2018

The Value of Scoliosis Screening


It’s fall, the kids are back in school, and for some it will be time to get their scoliosis screening. You likely know that scoliosis is a kind of spinal deformity, and you may even know a kid who wears a brace because of it. But you may wonder, [...]

The Value of Scoliosis Screening2022-02-08T23:58:18+00:00
23 08, 2018

Why Care About Your Blood Pressure?


High blood pressure is called a silent disease because, for most people, it causes no symptoms. That doesn’t make it a mild disease – it contributes to the death of about 1,000 people each day in the United States. This is because high blood pressure can lead to problems [...]

Why Care About Your Blood Pressure?2022-02-08T23:58:44+00:00
12 07, 2018

Are You Taking Too Many NSAIDs?


Chances are you have taken an NSAID (\'en-ˌsed \ ), even if you don’t know what that acronym means. NSAIDs, short for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, are one of the most commonly prescribed medications for pain and inflammation. NSAIDs are available by prescription and over the counter (OTC), and nearly 96 [...]

Are You Taking Too Many NSAIDs?2022-02-08T23:58:44+00:00
26 04, 2018

What You Need to Know About E. Coli and Romaine Lettuce


The headlines are clear these days – stay away from romaine lettuce. Over the past several months there has been an E. coli outbreak from tainted romaine lettuce. The question we all want answered is, “How does that affect us here in Greenville, TX?” What to know and do According [...]

What You Need to Know About E. Coli and Romaine Lettuce2022-02-08T23:58:45+00:00
12 04, 2018

Don’t Let April Showers Bring May Mosquitoes


Flowers are not the only thing to benefit from the coming of spring; April showers set the stage for mosquito season. As the weather warms up, mosquitos are born in the standing water inside old tires, flower pot saucers, and anything else that can hold as little as a [...]

Don’t Let April Showers Bring May Mosquitoes2022-02-08T23:58:45+00:00
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