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9 05, 2019

More Evidence to Cut Out Sugary Drinks


“I’ve seen 2-year-olds with fatty liver disease and teenagers with Type 2 diabetes,” pediatrician Dr. Natalie Muth told the New York Times recently. “It’s hard to compete with an $800-million-a-year marketing strategy by the soda industry.” Dr. Muth is lead author of a new policy statement released by the [...]

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23 08, 2018

Why Care About Your Blood Pressure?


High blood pressure is called a silent disease because, for most people, it causes no symptoms. That doesn’t make it a mild disease – it contributes to the death of about 1,000 people each day in the United States. This is because high blood pressure can lead to problems [...]

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11 05, 2017

The Two Most Important Things to Know About Stroke


It’s May again and the hydrangeas are in bloom here in Hunt County. This month many of us are active outside, working in the garden, playing sports, and otherwise taking advantage of the lovely weather, and we’re starting to think about visiting the lake or the pool as the [...]

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